re fake Kim & co

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I have bought a lot of Kim & Co from QVC (not from anywhere else as yet) and have to say that the clothes do crease, though they can be steamed out easily enough and the slinky fabric (acetate and lycra) does not crease as much as some other fabrics do. I have never had colour run in the wash but the colours do fade and change over time, particularly noticeable with black (some of my very old ones are a greenish tinged dark grey colour now) and ace white goes a drity grey (like an old bra!) after its been washed a number of times (and within quite a short space of time - hence I will not be buying any more 'Ace White' items from Kim & Co.  I have also had to send a couple of items back due to puckered stitching (especially on shoulder of sleeves and also once near the bottom of the side of one skirt I got).  So I dont think these problems would necessarily indicate that the clothes bought via EBAY are fakes.  Acetate and Lycra slinky fabric itself is easy to distinguish from the cheap polyester and Lycra slinky fabric you see elsewhere anyway.
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