re postal order scams - another side to the story

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Postal Orders missing in the post - A sellers story.


I have completed a transaction on ebay with a user, they said they would send me postal orders which they did. I never received them. I kept in constant contact with the buyer and in the end I told her to go to the post office and see if they could help. The buyer then came back to me claiming they were cashed but I had never received them.

As a result I am now a victim of an item not received dispute. But I ask you how can I send an item when I have not received the payment!

Regardless of whether your name is on the postal order or not, I am sure there are ways and means that criminals can cash it after having stolen it from the post.

So I think it is really unfair to brand all sellers who genuinely have not received the postal order, even if cashed, as conmen and crooks!

This buyer has now turned out quite nasty and the stress has been unbelievable. It is really the last thing that I needed right now.

So don't be quick to blame the seller.


If you have sent a postal order to a seller and they say it is not received and it has been cashed. Here is what to do:

get form P58 from the post office

write the voucher id reference on this form and take it back to the post office

the post office can then trace exactly where and when and by whom this postal order was cashed.


All I am asking is that you buyers do not be too quick to throw all the blame onto the seller. It just may be that they are innocent of any wrongdoing. So if you are going to open an unpaid item dispute, I suggest you do the above first, then if your seller is a fraud/conman then you will at least have proof of where, when and who cashed your postal order!



An update 10/06/2008 - this buyer is just wasting my time and ebay's time. They have ignored all my attempts at communication regarding this so I can try and get it sorted. They have not escalated the dispute and have not provided any proof that the postal orders are cashed. I myself have come to the conclusion that they didn't even send the postal orders in the first place and they are just one of those stupid people who sign up to Ebay just to see if they can cause some misery to others. This buyer (money4julia) is just a big waste of space, she is on here as a brand new ebayer. I believe that an ebayer who I had a dispute against deliberately started up this new ebay identity in order to try get revenge against me for a succesful claim I made through paypal after they sent me damaged and dirty items - (you know who you are "suny" or "go2stay" or whatever you want to change your id to in order to try hide your shame!).

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