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ok first things first, forget numbers and processor speeds, laptop speed depends on many factors, fast hard drive, fast mother-board speed, fast memory and fast processor.
Centrino or pentium m chips to give them there proper name are the best available, cooler running, longer battery life etc.
These chips are about 50-60 percent faster than equivelent pentium 4 and dont suffer the major overheating issues, and noisy fans associated with pentium 4 laptop processor..
Best models to avoid... pentium 4 models with larger dedicated graphics cards, there fast and good for games when they work, but most will have problems with overheating and random shutdowns..
If you want a laptop for going on the internet, watching flash sites like youtube, on-line movies etc then get either a centrino models if your budget will allow or a nice pentium 3 laptop around 500mhz or higher with no less than 128mb of ram if your running windows xp or windows 2000.
Wireless cards can be installed in all laptops with a pcmcia slot and made wireless its a fairly simple process..
Think you can get a bargain, you see laptops sold working but just need a hard drive and a power supply, now a lot of laptops also need a special hard drive caddy that may end up costing 15 pounds, add to that 10-15 pounds for a power supply and 20-30 pounds for a hard drive and you have a bargain dont you!!!
well yes and no, yes if the laptop actually works once you have bought all the parts needed, thats if the parts you have bought actually all work and fit correctly and no if the laptop still isnt working correctly or faulty.
Best bet is to buy from a good seller, complete and working then if you have a problem its often resolved quickly, and on top of that its likely to be advertised for what it is..
if there are wild claims of centrino 1.6ghz being equal to 3.2 ghz pentium 4 processors then walk away and bid else where.
Remember one lie often leads to another..
if you just want a laptop for internet surfing and watching online videos etc then heres a list of good models to purchase

ibm thinkpad t21,t22,23
dell c600,c800,c400,cpx
toshiba portege,satellite or tecra any pentium 3 model
compaq armada pentium 3 and compaq evo pentium 3 models

all these in good working order and complete with operating system and power supply can be obtained for around 100 pounds

Models to avoid....
Toshiba satellite pro 6000,6050 or 6100 these have a design fault and are best left alone, same goes for the toshiba tecra 9100 and a lot of other pentium 4 laptops
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