rechargable batteries a saver

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How long does it take to recharge batteries?

Most offers a variety of chargers that allow you to recharge as quickly as you need: from value priced overnight chargers to high speed 15 minute chargers. The best way to manage your power needs is by having 2 sets of rechargeable batteries. This way you can have a spare set ready to use all the time so you will never run out. MOST manufacturers  chargers so that you can recharge at home or on the road. Average time maximum is 7 hours continous charge depending on specifications.

What are the environmental advantages in using rechargeable batteries vs. disposable batteries?
Disposable batteries may produce the following potential problems or hazards:
Pollute the lakes and streams as the metals vaporize into the air when burned.
Contribute to heavy metals that potentially may leach from solid waste landfills.
Expose the environment and water to lead and acid.
Contain strong corrosive acids.
May cause burns or danger to eyes and skin.

Using rechargeable batteries reduces household waste. Billions of ordinary batteries are thrown away every year, all of which end up in landfills. Uniross rechargeable batteries can be reused hundreds of times which helps reduce the impact disposable batteries have on the environment. Up to 999 less disposable batteries go to landfills for every battery used.

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