recovery vehicles and mot

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I am writing this ad to advise you on the requirement of having an mot on any vehicle used on the road after its 3rd anniversary...there are according to the road traffic act some exemptions to this, these can include military vehicles, farm vehicles . vehicles for use on private land etcetc..but read on...

A vehicle dedicated for the recovery of a disabled or accident damaged vehicle, can be used for the purpose of the recovery of the said disabled vehicle subject to conditions, mainly, the vehicle is operating within a designated radius of its base, with a single journey to and from the location of the disabled vehicle, not from one another to another etc,

The recovery or tow truck must be fitted with a device to tow the incapacitated vehicle by means of a one man operation, ie no second driver, (spec lift for example) read on

A beavertail or low loader or flat bed truck, whereby the disabled or loaded vehicle is placed upon the recovery requires an MOT !!! this is a comercial load bearing vehicle..FULL STOP.

Please also beware of GVW or train weight, this is the maximum weigh bridge weight for the full outfit, your truck plus the disabled car and trailer etc..

Even proper spec lift recovery trucks, need a maintainance record to be kept, and at all times must be roadworthy, so, even MOT exempt, means you dont need an annual certificate, but traffic police or vosa can condemn it at the roadside as unroadworthy, and you face all the same penalties as if you are driving a normal truck, ie brakes steering welding, etc, so dont be fooled with mot exempt status, technically its not, beware !

If a vehicle which is not a tow truck ie a spec lift where the disabled vehicle is placed upon the delivery truck ie beavertail low loader etc...IT NEEDS AN MOT!! if you are pulled over by road police and or will be impounded...100%

I know, because im ex police rtp....Beware items stating no mot req..or mot more often than not this is only an excuse not to maintain the vehicle as it should..consider the increased risks to you and other road users with no annual test or poor maintainance.

Hope this helps !

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