recycle your old laptop

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recycle your old laptop

There are loads of uses for the old laptop you may have in the loft gathering dust or propping the door open etc..
you could also be doing your bit for the environment by re-using the old laptop you have instead of chucking it in the recycling tip, or better still instead of buying a new one.

here are a few useful things to do with your old laptop:

- Give the old laptop to your kids so that they don't keep messing with your precious expensive laptop. If they damage the old laptop then it isn't that much of a headache to go and buy another one for £10-£20 instead of £300! You would spend that much on a new toy, so why not give them something which is fun, educational and cheap!

- Use the old laptop as a backup of all your old dos games and programs you used to play / work with, (these old dos games now no longer work properly on new laptops- since they run better in dos or older versions of windows) the old laptop could become a great retro video games console!

- Use it as a cheap word processor, or for spreadsheets - organise your finances - on a very cheap laptop - saving you money at the same time!

- old laptops are also ideal for dos based programming - programming microchips on PCB
newer laptops are just too quick and cause problems when trying to program in dos, new laptops also do not come with serial ports, which is essential for programming certain micro components.

- You can install Damn Small Linux, Slackware, Ubuntu or Debian or any other linux distro - there are loads out there! Damn Small Linux is ideal on old laptops with even a 386 processor or more and more than 4mb ram, it also takes up a minuscule amount of hard drive space, in some cases only 2mb!! check out: damn small linux

- Old laptops are also great when carrying out simple tasks whilst working in mucky / unsafe environments, such as vehicle workshops, scrap yards, chemical / engineering labs, prep schools, warehouses etc... because they are not too fussed about a bit of dust, unlike newer laptops these days. They don't build them like they used too!

- Old laptops can still do most of the things your brand new intel core i7 laptop or apple macbook pro, such as word processing, games, music, surf the net, read a pdf, store digital camera pics, run a paint package etc.. the only difference is that recent "bloatware" has made newer operating systems require larger amounts of processor power to run, behind all the fancy graphics they still do the exact same job. cheap laptops

- Another great use for your old laptop is if you are good at diy or techy stuff, then you can convert the old beast into your very own digital photo frame! it is a great idea, and loads of people have done just that, I too have made a few of these photo frames from old laptops which I was going to chuck in the skip!
instead I have done my bit for the environment and made something which looks great in my hallway! ideal candidates for digital photo frames
you could even hang it on a wall and then connect a joystick or a wireless mouse to it and use it like a pc!
or an interactive calender, the possibilities are endless
they work great! you can have them running a movie or a few pics of your friends and family. If you've got some free time, give it a try you've nothing to loose!

- Another idea would be to use the lcd backlight as a standalone bedside light? weird but fun to do, you could fit the backlight into a solid plastic globe or ball or anything with a hollow space inside for the parts.

- Why not set it up as a retro vintage ipod or mp3 player? instead of buying a new ipod, just install a pair of decent external speakers and that's it, you have your own standalone media player, unlike traditional mini hifi systems or mp3 players with docking stations, your laptop can also play movies (if its fast enough!) and any format of music available (you can always download additional drivers and codecs at a later date).

- Or you could donate it to a third world country (via a registered charity) - they are desperate for IT equipment and an old 386 / 486 or pentium laptop - your donation would make a world of difference.

- If you don't have the time to do that then simply donate it to your local school, they are always grateful for donations of IT equipment since funding is always tight.

- If after all those options you still cannot see yourself using the old laptop you have, then you can always drop it off at your local recycling centre

- Or sell it off on eBay - especially during free listing events! laptops for sale on eBay right now

so the next time you decide to chuck that old heap of a laptop in the bin, think again!

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