renting nightmares

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hi i would like to warn people of stockport regarding  a couple who rent, here goes my experiance i am a landlady who was taken in by this couple they were in there 60s working they rented from me for  a six month tenacy agreement they refused to pay rent and changed all locks on my property i served them notice they refused to go i aplied to court they were told to go they refused to go i went back to court all at  a costing to me he was given another date to leave again didnt go i ended up getting the balliffs in and 9 months later they were out, they now rent again in stockport and are well known to stockport courts the balliffs know this man and woman by there first names they are in rented accomadation now and have been there since august and not paid  a penny in rent the landlord has died due to stresss and his daughter is now dealing with this couple still in the process of getting them out the courts have no thought for the agents and allow this couple to keep on destroying peoples lives.
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