replacement siamp flush valves

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Hi . When looking to replace a toilet cistern flush valve it is important to identify the manufacture of the part required.

  •  Popular brands are SIAMP/GROHE AND GEBERIT .The flush valve from these companies and many others will have the manufactures name printed on it
  • These brands are not interchangable with each other
  • These first you will have to remove the chrome flush button ,this done by unscrewing it from the cistern lid on ideal standard/geberit valve there is a screw under the dual flush button which needs to be undone first before lid can be removed .Hold up ballvalve to stop the water<rubber band and stick> or turn off water supply at the stop cock or water tank which ever you are more confident with.
  1. SIAMP flush valves are removed from the base cage which is fixed to the cistern by turning either clockwise or anti clockwise both will work,then lift out the faulty part and replace with a new part.Make sure the height is correct ,replace the cistern lid,fit the flush button 
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