resin and vinyl model kit building

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Hi here is a short, quick guide i have made for the novice or new beginner interested in resin and vinyl models. Most model kits when purchased will have 'flash molding' to be removed, i use a variety of tools for this job - small files, scalpel, craft knife and for more intricate work i use a small power rotary tool. Once all of the molding flash has been removed, wash all kit parts in soapy water as this will help the paint to adhere better.Now all parts have been washed and trimmed you can test fit them and glue into position. If the Viny parts are out of shape, heating in hot water will allow you to reshape them back to there original shape, when you feel they are as good a fit as you can get glue into position using super glue- if a part is not aligned or showing a slight gap i use Modeling putty, i recommend MILLIPUT white, as this sets quickly and is easy to paint over. Use water whilst using the putty as this helps to shape. Also be aware of painting the kit, always look if you can build most of the kit and still be able to paint it, sometimes you may have to paint parts of the kit prior to fitting. To paint the kit i use Acrylic water based paints, as they dry flat and you don't loose much detail. I could go on about various painting tips but this would be better in a separate short guide.

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