restrike capbadges

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if you are bidding for a military badge offered on ebay here is some good advice. if the seller gives the impression that he is knowledgeable about capbadges then he must have a good idea about prices. basically this is how it works in general terms. restrike badges are readily available on the internet just type in restrikes  prices  are between three and five pounds max. prices you would expect to pay  for a genuine badge from a bona- fide dealer or  at an arms fair. corps badges  you will pay up to eight pounds. line regiments 10 to 12 pounds. yeomanry 15 to 20 pounds. cavalry 20 pounds upwards. these are minimum prices  give or take a little. irish regiments especially those disbanded in 1922 carry a large premium as do those regiments created in 1938 and disbanded at the end of the war. so when a seller who gives you the impression that he  knows what he is on about  ask your self why he is letting a 20 pound + badge  go for peanuts. no names but one big seller of cap badges on ebay who i know is happy if he gets 6 badges returned out of ten sold. work out the figures yourself.  that big collection he is disposing of never seems to get any smaller.m.
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