right or wrong

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I sold a camera to an ebayer who payed through pay/pal, They confirmed receipt and left pos feedback. I asumed all was well, five weeks later pay/pal placed a hold on the transaction saying that I Had been the victim of a fraudulent transaction, I then sent all the info they requested and cooperated with there investigation. Without no reason they took the funds from my pay/pal account and returned it to the buyer who by this time was no longer a registered user .I was livid and informed the police of the fraud . After an investigation the police contacted the buyer and they confirmed receipt of the camera and told police they were unaware of any wrong doing. I then notified pay/pal who basicaly said they had investigated the matter and that was that. I could not beleive the arrogance of this U.S.A. company and complained at the highest level . I also informed B.B.C watchdog, After a gruelling battle for justice lasting almost 10 months and a large file including Police evidence they were reluctnt to refund my money sying it was a gesture of good will. I was treated as the perpatraitor of the fraud rather than  the victim and it was only my relentless quest for justice and the threat of court action by myself, that got the required result I am now very wary of pay/pal.



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