ripped off by pay pal and ebay

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buyer beware says the old addage, well recently on ebay i would say seller beware. i sold an item to ebay member kbek_820i, he payed by pay pal, the payment showed on my account and  i posted the item(as any good ebayer would). imagine my suprise when 2 days later paypal put the payment on hold. i contacted the buyer , but was ensured that payment would be sorted in a couple of days. well geuss what a month later i havent got the money, infact today the payment was revesed by paypal back to the buyer. i tried to contact paypal, don't bother they cant receive emails, the phone system is automated and they make it impossible to complain. in short i've paid for my own item. ebay is a f##king joke, as is paypal there is no seller protection. take my advice. don't bother with paypal take cheque or cash only. don't trust ebay. what a joke, secure my arse. stitched up well and truley, they say money goes to money. greedy f##kers.

24/5/06 well well the plot thickens, paypal not only gave no reason for the reversal, but on speaking to the ebay member he had no idea payment was being reversed. ebay, paypal, sort it out you're shit.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you found this guide helpfull or have had similar problems message me through ebay and we'll start an online petition.

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