robbed for a turbo

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i bought two turbos to fit to a 24v cosworth engine

one guy was selling two on two auctions and wanted £30 each plus £15 postage

what a deal but on the understanding i would rebuild them, luckily not buying the kits until they arrived

so i paid the guy £90 with todays problems is alot of money to anyone

i then receive a message from the guy saying he cant send them out as he cannot get the money

'but i have paid you' i replyed, why is that my problem if its cleared my end

he said ' i will be out of pocket to by £90 if i send them'

is that not up to the seller to sort with ebay if the money is in his account???

hmm thinking i had been done over got in touch with ebay they could only get half yes half my money back

the guy no longer uses that account.

just to say watch who you deal with!! scammers !! they should be contacted by the police as this sort of thing is going on to much

i feel ebay is getting a bad name for this now

good luck jay



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