roku soundbridge. wireless music. how good is it?

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Written as a user of a Roku Soundbridge

ok. take it out of the box and follow the simple instructions to connect it. switch it on and wow!

i was on an unencrypted wireless network. The roku set itself up in under a minute with just a few simple remote key presses. it tuned itself into web radio presets and i was wirelessly "wired for sound" and left gobsmacked at the sound quality. More so by how quickly it was set up. (usually wireles network equipment is  a pain in the a-- to get talking to everything else on the network)

i decided to use i tunes as my server so did the free download. simple.

just remember to set the options to share my music in itunes. the roku then finds it instantly.

This unit is so simple to use even my girlfriend can do it!

I use my roku connected to my tv sound system amp but because it has standard phono outputs it will connect to any amp with a line in facility. Sounds fantastic through my 30 year old jvc hi fi amp!

Once you have i tunes set up to share, you can create playlists from your library of music, it seems to play most formats (except i believe music purchased encrypted from apple)

Finding your music is simple using the browse by feature. browse by album, artist , genre etc.

want music for a mood. make a playlist and select it. it plays each track as if its a cd. you can shuffle or repeat with just one key press.

Downside. pc must be left on with itunes running (you can switch monitor off if you wish). i always have a pc running so it doesnt matter!

overall. Fantastic unit that i would rate at 9/10. Buy one!

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