rover 45 door handles repair

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rover 45 year 2000 door handles exteior on opening my doors i found that the back plastic was slackwhen openinc the door so i pulled the inside panel off too tichten the 2 10 mm boltsbut found the brass insert in the back had broken awayand could not be fixed tryed the scrap yards but none to be had at the cost of 20 quid each so i cot a drill the same size as the round bush and drillrd a hole strait throughthen counter sank a larger hole andpushed the bush in from the out side and put the 10 mm bolt in from the inside anh tightened it upput a bit bodge in and a bit of paint on and its done the jobtht bush has a lip on it and that fits into the counter sink hole so when tighting up it dosent pull rjght through so be care full when you do the countesing also check the 3  10 mm bolts that holh your window motor in as they come slack and your window starts twisting and banging when coing up to close
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