royal mail compensation

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I  have written this guide regarding royal mail compensation - as I wonder if people realise that royal mail have now put in a new system for claims for missing post on all ebay items -

If you put in a claim from royal mail for a missing parcel -even when you have shown all the proof your end royal mail will not pay your claim until they have received written confirmation from the other party stating that it was not received  -  so you are reliant on the purchaser sending this back to royal mail - which some people do not do as they have received their refund from you and they are not worried about it ( i know this to my cost as it happened to me and i am still trying to resolve it)

The claims process takes around 6- 10 weeks weeks so you get no help from pay pal or ebay as the time limits have expired.

I would not hold back a refund from a customer for 6 weeks as it is unreasonable and as a buyer and a seller would not want this to happen to me  --   and as it is the sellers responsibility to make sure they get the goods to the purchaser (no matter how any seller puts in their listing that it is not their responsibility once the goods leave them) and pay pal would immediately take the money back anyway so there is no point in upsetting people and recieving negative feedback.

So to solve this I will now ask anyone who says they have a missing item to wait the 15 days required by royal mail and then send me a letter - not an email --signed & dated-- stating that the item was not received --then I would refund in full - so if they do not send the form back to royal mail you have some written proof backed up by all your email correspondance that the goods have gone missing and hopefully royal mail will pay up - it still is not guaranteed but it may help -  (and as we are in for another round of strikes more things are guaranteed to go astray)

I hope you find this guide helpful and perhaps save you from this nasty experience where you loose your goods - you loose your fees and loose your confidence  .

Thanks for reading  Lisa x

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