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The latest name to note? Sabon - a global luxury brand that covers hair, body, skin and nails. Here's the background. Sabon opened its first store in Tel Aviv during the mid 1990s. Since then, the brand has expanded to 130 locations around the world including New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam and Rome. This month, Sabon arrived in the UK with a brand new store in London's Covent Garden.  With a strong celebrity following behind it (Katie Holmes and Drew Barrymore are fans) it's sure to be a big hit in the capital. The range of products is vast - you'll find everything from body butters and foot scrubs to hand creams and nail polish - and the good news is, they are all paraben and SLS-free. But it's the uniquely sourced ingredients that really makes these stand out.
Sabon sources herbs, flowers and essential oils for their aromatherapy and healing properties, whether it's extracts from the Amazon Rainforest or the Dead Sea. This means they provide wonderful fragrances, too, with scents like lavender, jasmine and rose used across the collection.


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