safe trading on ebay-buyers and sellers

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If you  want to buy an item, check the sellers feedback before bidding, if they have either less that 10 feedbacks with negative feedbacks or quite a lot of negative feedbacks, as in more negative than positives, DON'T buy from them!!! They might just be newbie's but in most cases, they con people and receive the money then either don't send the item or  they send it and if it's broken/damaged etc, they don't reply to any messages sent.

If you are selling items, make sure that you receive the payment before sending it, I've had a few people pay by e-cheques which can be a pain because you have to wait about 2 weeks for them to clear before sending, recently, one item- paid by echeque- was cancelled on the day it cleared, I emailed the buyer asking if they had cancelled the payment, they said no so various emails to paypal,  I was told to contact the buyer again and ask for them to pay again using a different form of payment, luckily, there has been no problems, the buyer has emailed me asking about other means to pay.

Make sure that the person you are buying or selling to has good feedback and have their own pictures on their listings,  if you are selling cd's or some dvd's in most cases when listing, an option comes up and if you enter the barcode numbers into the box, it comes up with the information about it, it puts up a stock photo, this can be quicker and easier to do sometimes if you haven't got time to take pictures but if the boxes are scratched or anything, it's much better to be honest with people than risk saying its in perfect condition then when received, find out it's scratched etc and risk getting negative feedback.

Paypal is said to be the easiest and safest method of payment, so far, I haven't had any problems with it, so for me, I agree with this but some people have trouble with it.  Paypal also covers you if anything goes wrong or lost. Postal orders are ok as a method of payment but you must make sure you get the right one, there is crossed and uncrossed postal orders, I'm not sure which one is which but it can't be too hard to find out!! One you can only pay into a bank, the other, only into a post office, if paying by  postal order, ask the buyer/seller which they prefer before buying one.

If you are unsure about anything you may want to bid on, email the seller, this can help in two ways, one, to find out more about the product and two, to see if the seller actually replies, if not, they may not be trusted. Trusted ebayers care about their buyers and the level of communication is important too. I have had a few things I've sent arrive broken, I received messages from the buyers telling me it arrived broken and I sorted out refunds straight away. This is important to me.

If you get conned, contact ebay, they can remove the ebayer from the site so that no one else can get conned. Hopefully most of the people that are conned are paid back and treated with respect.

If a listing looks like it took a few minutes to do, it probably has, most ebayers take time to list items and list as much about the item as possible,  also, if a listing is for something that looks too good to be true- it probably is! Give it a miss, don't bid because it may be a money trap and you could end up losing a lot of money.
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