satellite tv including sky and freesat

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common terms and abbreviations.
lnb low noise block for converting high frequency into low frequency. and fits to the satellite dish.
mono block lnb for receiving signals from two satellites. ie hotbird and astra.
qaud lnb low noise block for 4 sat receivers or two twin tuner sat receivers.
octo lnb low noise for 8 sat receivers.
quattro lnb low noise block which seperates the vh vl hh hl frequencys. used inconjunction with a multiswitch.
sky zone 1 satellite dish. used for recieving sky and freesat in soutern england.
sky zone 2 sat dish used for sky and freesat in northern england.
60cm sat dish mesh or solid for astra 19.
80cm sat dish for hot bird or use with a monobock for astra 19 and hotbird.
1meter sat dishes for turksat 42 and arab sat on south coast.
110cm dishes for arabsat.
1.5 meter for nile sat south uk.
coaxial connectors also known as f connectors. as a low voltage is passed through the sat cable screw on connectors are required for better conductivity.
coaxial cable is used to transfer the signal from the lnb to the receiver. double screened cable should always be used.
receiver the satellite receiver connects to the coax cable and decodes the signal and displays it on your tv screen. there are many type of sat receivers.
analogue receiver not much on this format.
digital receivers 

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