scammed with a mobile phone

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i was recently scammed out of a mobile phone i was selling on ebay. i recieved spoof emails from ebay and paypal telling me to send the phone to nigeria and i would recieve payment after phoning paypal i was notified it was scam i am now £200.00 out of pocket and ebay and paypal are taking no resposibility as the buyer is no longer registered. i feel they could do more to protect us and now i dont even was to use ebay to buy or sell as i dont have the confidence in the service if you recieve emails that look real but your not sure signs to look for are

they ask you to send item out before you recieve payment

its a country to whats on there ebay account

there contact information does not exsist( if in doubt ring it)

you recieve a number of emails giving you reasons to why you have to send item first before you recieve payment

read the emails they are a bit backwards talking not proper english

always forward these emails to spoof@paypal


and remember you wont get your item back or your money no matter what you try



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