scammers buy it now scam and account theft etc

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I am Bill a car trader in bournemouth..I am sure all you regular users of ebay have noticed the new classified adverts that ebay have just invented,,But it seems to me all its done is help the filthy scum that steal peoples accounts and advertise fake non existant vehicles,like the 10 or so that have appeared today...Wow they look such bargains ..A 2004 bmw convertible for only £2000 ukp but it now price...yea come on do these foreigners really think that we british are so stupid as to believe that anyone is going to sell a £25000 car for £2000...Come on ebay sort this out .. How about some sort of screening before the ad is allowed on .. i mean there not hard to spot are they....REMEMBER EBAYERS...NO ONE IN THE WORLD WHATEVER THE CIRCUMSTANCES WILL LET YOU HAVE A CAR AT £23000 UNDER BOOK PRICE...DONT BE A FOOL..JOIN ME AND REPORT THESE ADVERTS TO EBAY SO THEY CAN REMOVE THEM..OTHERWISE BEFORE YOU KNOW IT SOMEONE WILL GET CAUGHT BY THESE CON ARTISTS AND IF IT HITS THE PRESS IT COULD MEEN THE END FOR EBAY IN THE UK """"""""" Many thanks for looking.

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