searching for cheap goods

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You want to find cheap goods on ebay?

The easiest way is to search for an item by spelling it wrong.


For example instead of searching for "Elvis" by typing in "Elvis" try "Elsiv".  Sometimes it comes up blank, but if you percivere you will find a bargain.  Because most people can't be bothered to keep trying they don't bother carrying on.

You will find some excellent bargains.

Another trick is to carryout and advanced search and list items the end in 1 hour, that way your in with a better chance of winning the item (especially in the early hours of the morning)

Also instead of bidding with rounded up figures (E.g. £4.00) try bidding with odd amounts (e.g. £3.76) it makes it more difficult for people who place high bids on items then leave them alone to know what to bid against you.

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