second hand buggys!!

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Like if this guide is helpful

i have found that selling my used buggys on ebay very helpful!

im am adicted to buying bugggys for my son who is just 1 since he was born in june 06 ive had 18 buggys!

so selling them on ebay helps me get some of the money back! if not all of it some times!


the best buggys to sell are mamas and papas ive found! they usally go for more than you paid(ive found in my experince)

i keep my buggys looking nice although they are only used a few times! this helps them sell better!

clean them up even the wheels  and try to be as honest as you can as pepole are going to want to know exactly what is wrong/right with the buggy!

take lots of photos of your buggy outside so you get real light on it! take them from all different angles and take them of the buggy folded up facing different was ect. as this will help the pepole decide if it is going it fit in there car ect.

try and keep the box of your buggy in the loft if you can because this usally helps bring it more money if it still has its box and instructions!


i usally put my buggys on as buy it now or best offer then pepole can see what type of money you are looking for! and no body is dissapointed when it only sells for pence! as if you dont get what you want it doesnt sell!


i hope this has helped a few pepole!

also if you want to make as much as you can i would opt to send it (post it)

there are many pepole on ebay selling deliverys at £7.99 which would fit most sized prams and buggys!



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