sell before bidding ends

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this is a new one on me, we all have people email asking if you'd sell now. how many of us have done this?

well this is my story of a sale gone wrong.

id put a sale on for a item that was worth around £350 so when i had an offer of £330 i thought i'd sell for that. the buyer asked that i removed the sale and paid in full through paypal. great, nice and easy. posted next morning recorded delivery because of the value. than on the night found that the payment was on hold. bit odd so looked into my account finding open cases, ebay asked if i had posted and if i had tracking number. yes to both.

then a day later had message saying the payment had been reversed and the case was closed!!!!!!!

so no payment no goods, was i angry. emails to buyer went unanswered so tried to put a non payment claim in, this is the part that i cant except; ebay say that the item was unsold (remember i was asked to remove before they payed) so i cant claim payment. how can ebay give a payment then take it back. i cant email the buyer no more because ebay wont let me, i have there address. its about 300 miles away.

is paypal safe, no way. i cant be the only one

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