seller protection on e bay non existent

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sellers you need to be aware that on e bay you have no rights, if a buyer for up to 45 days decides that they dont want the item from you they can make up a cock and bull story, misdescribed, faulty in fact anything. e bay will always support them for a full refund unless you can prove that they are lying. even when you have the goods back you have to wait 10 days to appeal and its made so difficult for you. you have to wait 10 days before you can appeal. whats that all about? if its your word against the buyer and you will loose i had 945 positve with 100% feedback. buyer used this expecting me just to roll over and pay her, she had the item for 4 weeks before out of the blue i dont want it anymore and i will say whatever i have to say to get my money back!

so i have learnt a valuble lesson, fortunatley before i sold something expensive and got ripped off. i will no longer use e bay to sell anything, there is no protection from dishonest buyers and there are a dam site more of them than sellers. Also good feedback counts for nothing it just attracts the dishonest people to buy from you thinking a refund will be easy when they dont want the goods anymore. just check the amount of sellers on the webb that e-bay has ripped off over refunds.



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