sellers beware - bridgewater buyer based in jersey

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there is a bridgewater pottery buyer, based in jersey, who buys quite often and does tend to bid quite high. the buyer has used a variety of different user names, some of which are no longer registered, but they are currently using 2 identities, with a similiar sounding name, just reversed. this buyer has lots of unpaid item disputes (verified by paypal & other regular bridgewater sellers) against them and has now had payments reversed long after the item has been sent, they also tend to not have any contact, even with repeated emails. do contact me for further details (like their ebay user name!) should you think you need it

2 March Update - mmnn, no longer registered. the buyer is/was called cobpatch or patchcob (des gibbens) and as far as I know uses other identities - should of named & shamed them earlier!
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