sellers earning on there postage costs

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When looking around listings on ebay i realy do think that a lot of sellers are earning on there postage costs, not to long ago i saw a realy nice pair of trainers so i bid and won the postage was 5.99 and at the time i thought well trainers can be heavey plus they are posted recorded delivery, When they came they were not sent recorded delivery and the postage cost was only 2.59, i emailed the seller and he said they were sent recorded and thats it (get over it) I feel a lot of buyers dont look at the starting bid and then the postage (As this is wot you see a lot - starting bid only 99p  postage 4.99 I see it as the 99p is the postage and they have the 4.99 for the goods realy, You see this a lot on listings, The other day i looked at a listing for a mans tie ( This is wot it said on there listing - wow only 50p starting bid - the postage was 4.55 - we all know it would not cost 4.55 to send a tie at sellers standard rate, it would only cost the 50p - if that ) Im a seller myself and it can be hard to get all postal prices rite and sellers do need to put a little bit on for packing but i feel a lot of sellers are earning on postage, As a seller iv got it badly wronge with postage but iv sorted it out with my buyer. I once charged 4.99 postage on a razor and when i went to post the goods it only cost 2.95 so when i got home i refunded though paypal £1 back to the buyer & sent her a message saying about the postage cost. It was great as my buyer was made up that i had refunded her the £1 she sent me a message saying its not the £1 refunded to her it was that i did it in the first place. I hope sellers dont think i think all sellers are doing this as i dont, there is a lot of lovely sellers + buyers on ebay.

Thank you very much for reading and please vote if you feel its rite wot im saying about postage costs.

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