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I had an experience selling on ebay \!that want to share . I in some 600 transactions on ebay have never left a negative till early last year . when going no where with a obnoxious seller I left neg . Well 9 months later I am selling some items and I received a silly bid on an item for far more then it should have sold .double in fact . I wondered why the person had gone to such lengths to win it ,indeed they still ended up being pipped by another bidder but won a smaller item of mine. When I see the name of the winning bidder it sparked alarm bells . I did my research and found out it was the person I had left the neg for . So I went to great lenghts to make sure the item was sent in perfect condition and sent recorded delivery .I am sure you will not be shocked to hear they complained ! I had preempted this by contacting ebay and telling them this would happen .Heres where it all starts she was a power seller and has such had phone numbers she could call which she reminded me off several times . I was left totally floundering with useless unhelpful reply's from ebay . It was like dealing with robots they did'nt even read the emails I sent. They just sent the same standard reply I went back and forth for weeks in tears some time with frustration that she had been able to pull this scam use her power seller status and i a mear little ebay seller left unable to get help . No one at ebay was at all concerned that they had opened up an account for the express purpose of leaving me neg . I am very jaded about ebay now . So the moral if your a little seller expect no help. there help section is confusing enough they really dont want to talk to you . I asked repeatedly for a number to speak to a actual person as i was getting no where but no help came forth.. we pay them a fortune in fees and when it came to helping me useless . I am sticking to buying on here now


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