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Here is your chance to attract buyers in 80 characters or less...
use clear relevant words in  the title - include as many details as you can fit colour, size, brand, condition etc, (however do not use misleading terms 'like jimmy choo'  or 'not prada' as this may cause auction to be cancelled by ebay)


sounds obvious, but take clear photos! in good lighting that allow the buyer to see details and condition of item (many auctions allow 12 free pic now)
think about a nice clear thumbnail too, choose a plain background (it can be coloured just not heavily patterned) like a bed sheet or curtain rather than a lot of clutter that may be distracting
for smaller items use a coin or a ruler to demonstrate scale


Include the obvious -size, condition, purpose etc also include measurements & material its made of (although probably not all of these are necissary if you are selling CDs!)
also remember, sellers can search descriptions too, so its useful to include obscure detail like alternative model numbers and things it may be compatable with.


some of the best bargains can be won at 3am when very few people are browsing ebay! most bidding happens on the last day and in many cases in the last ten minutes of an auction.
consider the end date & time when placing a listing; a 5 day listing placed on thursday at 8pm will finish on tuesday at 8pm, but a 3 day listing would end Sunday, people tend to be much more relaxed at the weekend and have time to browse and are able to place a last minute bid in the evening to secure an item that piqued their interest. be wary of the leasurely weekend too, an item ending saturday afternoon wont get so many last minute bidders if its a beautiful day outside. 
likewise, selling items near to mothers/fathers/world book  day etc may help find a target market (there are only certain times of year when people will pay a premium for a mug that says 'best dad'). mention it in your title or in the description.

do your research

look up completed items (tab on the left hand side of the search screen) and see what has sold before, look at the descriptions and the start price etc to help you prepare your own listing. also look on Amazon or other retail to find original RRP and other useful details.

Be honest

if Buzz Lightyear has only got one arm, tell it how it is, but be sure to highlight the positives too. sellers are much less likely to be disapointed if they know what to expect.

and finally...

be aware of fees structure, there is a base 10% charge taken by ebay against the final selling price AND the postage costs. extra listing options may be extra too so keep an eye out if adding another category.
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