sellers should be able to leave negative feedback!

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the new rule that sellers cannot leave feedback is a joke! i have just sold a car on ebay which cost £8.00 to list & loads of hassle listing it, but the buyer was just a time waster! after reading his so called 100% positive feedback i noticed that it was not positive but all negative! i would have cancelled his bid if i would have known. sellers are no longer protected on ebay. i myself have 100% feedback but it is such a struggle to keep it! when i could leave negative feedback, buyers would pay for items straight away. however, now just at the moment i have 28 items un-paid for & half are buy it now deals!! we sellers should set a campaign up to make ebay a fair trading place, like it used to be. at present its a buyers market with the seller having less rights. i am very wary & we all should be, if a buyer bids on your item, please check their feedback because positive sometime means negative! its time consuming having to read the buyers feedback, but what other option do we have? if you ask me NONE AT ALL! thanks for reading me sounding off! x



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