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So you have gone through your wardrobe and what do you have - clothes hardly worn and clothes new - so ask yourself are the worn clean, or are they not worth someone else having - if the latter send to a charity shop they can go to Ghana or be used as recycling material.
Do they need cleaned if so will it be worth selling?
Then the best ones brand new with tags - these will sell but be realistic if you paid £30 for a jumper you will not get that price. See what others are selling for. Weigh for postage and see how bulky this will be to post.
Ensure you check size- measure so that the buyer knows what they are buying. Washing instructions - list and describe i.e machine washable at 30 degrees cool iron etc.
Check the label what does it state - if a child 9-12 for example or if shoes is it in european or british size is it 38 or a size 5. If it does not state tell the buyer what you know.
I have no pets and we do not smoke so tell the buyer if this is the case, I do not want a musty smelly garment.
Honesty pays off so be honest - if it needs a little mending say so someone may buy for 99p.

A dressmakers dummy maybe something to invest in if you have a lot to sell this will give the buyer the best guide.

Plan and take good photographs yours will sell better than the person who has a hazy picture which says I cannot be bothered.

So get looking in your wardrobe and if you have not worn for a year or not actually taken off the tags you may make some money.


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