selling diamonds

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Hi, Just thought i'd send a warning to those who are just trying to make a little money out of something that they no longer want. I was selling my 18ct diamond engagement ring and it was bought by a bidder who paid £650.00. The bidder was new to ebay but was very quick in emailing me after the end of the auction time. She requested that i send it to her sister in Nigeria for her birthday present as soon as possible. I was unaware of any issues so took the ring and the valuation certificate stating it was worth £2000.00 to the Post office who told me that Nigeria do not accept any precious stones into the country. I emailed the buyer and asked for an alternate address only for her to tell me to take it to another post office, tell them it is cubic zirconia and is of no value and send it immediatly. I refused because i was unwilling to sign a customs declaration form which was full of lies. The buyer sent me several very nasty emails telling me she wants her ring sent and that she was away at a business conference so i couldn't end it anywhere other than the address she gave me. After a week of emails, hassle and worry...(i needed the money but conscience told me not to go through with it) I told her that i absolutely refuse and if she didn't give me an alternate address the transaction would be void. I never heard from her again. This all occurs despite putting no over seas sale on my ad. A lot of unnecessary hassle and i still have the ring,
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