selling electrical goods

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Just to share my experience as a seller and buyer on ebay.For the first time i have recieved negative feedback since i have been using ebay in 2004.I am completly confused about this.The item i sold was some speakers which were in ok condition fully working with gr8 sound.We sold this item recently.He then sends messages saying the item doesnt work and wants his money back.I know these worked absolutly 100%.We asked in our listin for pick up only because we thought they would be too heavy to post but he asked us to post at any cost.Packed up and off they went with royal mail.In our listing we also mentioned that we accept no returns which alot of people do put because we know they worked why would we want them back.So of course he reported us and opened a case which is been resolved soon i hope.But my dilemma is how the hell do we prove the item was working.IS he trying it on because he doesnt like the item.HMMMMM i dont know the answers.All i know is advice to aware of this happening because you just cant prove.The only thing i hope will go in our favour is the fact that we put pick up only which of course invites the person to test beforehand.Learn from our mistakes thats all we can do.If any of you have any advice for us on this contact meeeee.cheers

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