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I recently sold a car for a friend who didnt have access to a pc. I thought i'd do her a favour and advertise it. After three atempts, someone ,having been given a second chance offer at a considerably lower rate, bought the car. He came a long way on the train, and it was a 50 mile round trip to collect him from the station. After a long look over the car , and a test drive, he declared he was quite happy with it and handed over the cash ,and drove off in the sun. 3 days later, i rec a neutral f/back. I thought this very strange and it wrecked my 100% record. Now ebay in their wisdom, have removed the ability to to return such a favour, and i can only leave pos or no f/back. This is totally unfair to trusted sellers who are falling victim to wasters like him with no reply to unfounded bad comments and f/back. AND, it wasnt even my item!

The moral, or guide here is to not sell stuff for friends. No good samaritans here...


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