selling on ebay ** the truth on selling **

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I have finally found the need to write a review on selling ebay

and the changes to the feedback system

as everyone is now aware sellers cannot leave negative of neutral feedback for a buyer

although nothing has changed for a buyer they can still leave negative or neutral


if you are a seller you have hardly any protection from the buyer

you can send your item out and a seller can leave whatever feedback they want to

as a seller YOU can only leave positive

There is now no way of knowing whether a buyer is any good .... you could be kept waiting for weeks for payment and there is nothing you can do (bar reporting them to ebay as a non paying bidder)

The truth  is here now .... If a buyer pulls out of paying for an item .... you cannot leave anything but POSITIVE for the buyer ... you will NOT get your listing fee back, so in my eyes there is no support from ebay , they are still receiving there FEES no matter what. Only one winner there.

I have personally written to ebay plently of time to stating that the system is now so unfair, that sellers may stop listing items.

I am seriously now considering not listing items for a period of a month as a protest, If you feel that same way to then maybe we should pick a date to start from.

Thank you for your time in reading this and I hope that it is an insight into the problems the sellers are facing.  If a proper ebay representative has read this them maybe they will have the common decentcy to listen to there sellers who have stayed loyal and provided a good service and loads of revenew for them.

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