selling pushchairs on ebay

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The market is large for selling second pushchairs/ prams, having sold a few my self on ebay I wanted to share a few tips, so here goes.....

Make sure the pushchair is clean no one would like to recieve s dirty pushchair. If you would rather not do this you could always hire a professional pushchair cleaner which would cost around £15 well worth the money, and it would gain more interest if people know it is getting professionally cleaned to, as they will be willing to spend a little more and (hopefully) covers the cost of hiring someone:). If you are self cleaning please read labels before putting in the wash this can do more damage than good, I personally would use fairy soap and water.
Give a good description of the pushchair eg if there is a lot of wear to the wheels and scratches ect, make it clear what the buyer needs to except and then there will be no disappointment.
It is surprisingly cheap to send a pushchair it will cost around £8 with my Hermes or fir larger pushchairs around £12, I I wouldn't recommend using the post office it will cost a small fortune. 
I always bubble wrap the pushchair and then box it, if you don't have a big enough box you could use a couple of smaller one and make your own, you can pick up boxes free from supermarkets. I then use a couple of bin liners around the box and always remember parcel tape is a must have especially when using on large items.
I hope this guide is useful :)
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