selling scrap gold

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I know there are mixed review when it comes to selling scrap gold but there a few things that should not be overlooked.....firstly don't assume that the biggest and most well known buyers like the ones you see on tv offer the best fact you will most likely only recieve a fraction of its true value.
In my research i have found that the bigger these gold buying companies become the less they can afford to pay because many more customers are sending their gold and many will accept the low offer so losing a few customers here and there is no big deal.
Here is a reputable and very honest online company that is very fast (24 to 48 hrs) in sending cash and offers a good service has been used by people that have had good things to say about them.But if you are not intending on sending your gold through the post and you are intending on visiting a local pawn shop just keep in mind that you will be getting offered less money and in a lot of cases less than half of what you could get by sending to a buyer shop around and have a price in mind so when you visit the pawn shop tell them you have been offered a price but you want a little more....
example: you have 40 grams of 9k gold....tell them you just went to so and so and was offered £280 but you need a bit more than that......and in most cases they will beat that price.
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