selling your mobile phone

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I have a warning for anyone who is selling a mobile phone on ebay. Dont under any circumstances sell to anyone from Nigeria, it will always be a scam and here is how it works.

You will be contacted and offered a very high price, well above what your phone is worth and the buyer will claim that he/she is buying the phone for a member of their family. the will ask you to let them have it at a"buy now " price and they will say they will pay you immediatly by paypal. They will want you to send it registered or by a trackable means to somewhere in Nigeria.

You will soon receive an email from paypal, telling you that you have received an instant payment from the person for the phone.

The email will look very authentic and the the fact is that very few people actually go the genuine paypal website to check that payment really has been received. Most folks just see the email and assume that the money has been sent.

Off they then go and post the phone off.. only later wil they think to check their paypal balance and realize in fact that no money has really been sent and the eamil was a clever fake.

Its a very simple scam and loads of people are taken in by it.

You end up with no phone and no money.

The moral of the story is to always check on the genuine paypal website before parting with your goods, and never sell to anyone in |Nigeria.

You have been warned !!

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