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rope lights are fab, my girl loves these in her bedroom
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rope lights are fab, my girl loves these in her bedroom


All learning takes place through our senses. Sensory toys and activities help children with special needs to develop whilst having fun, as they are enjoyed more than the standard toys designed for children who find pleasure from imaginative play. From sensory-seekers craving stimulation, to tactile defensive individuals who avoid touch and different sensations, sensory play generates a child’s sense, helping them to process information, and awareness of their body and the world they live in. 
Whether to satisfy sensory seeking behaviour, stimulate a withdrawn child who has shut down in order to cope, or calm an overwhelmed individual who has gone into sensory overload and meltdown, sensory play experiences can help an individual to deal with stress. Sensory experiences can help to promote a sense of calm and relaxation, they can motivate, reinforce positive behaviour, or redirect negative behaviour. 
I have a 7 year old girl with asd and adhd and
 have found fidget toys amazing to 
keep her occupied for that little bit 
longer, also her dark den and lights 
are a god send and portable to :) and of course not only used for special 
needs children as my other 3 children also use these toys.

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