should i leave neg feedback? find contact details

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As a seller of nearly 5 years on ebay with platinum power seller status and a feedback rating of over 35 thousand believe me i have come accross some funny folk in my time. I know that no seller can claim to be perfect as there can always be the odd problem but in general the difference between a good and a bad seller is the way in which these problems are dealt with. unfortunately the most anoying thing for me as a seller that employs staff and really does reply to all emails as well as always working to resolve any issue should one arise, is a buyer that leaves a neg saying no communication, the first place i think they should look is in there spam filter or if they have set limits that it could simply be a case that they did not get the email reply through no fault of our own. But come on buyers you don't get away with it that easy, if the ones that are quick to jump down on you by bad mouthing your feedback then surely they could at least take the time to find the sellers full contact details.

I personally ensure that we have all our contact information in each of our auctions but again some do not even make the effort to look at the auction that they purchased from. But again even sellers who do not have all there details on display you can still try other methods of getting contact details. Did you know that if you have purchased an item that you can through ebay request the full registered details of the seller that you have made a transaction with, often this will include there phone number, but at very least there full address details.

Another bad feedback that really does my head in is the neg that says have not received, if you are a seller you know what i mean the one were you check the tracking details just to find that several delivery attemps have been made and a card left but no response so the item is on it's way back to you or at there local sorting office. ONE simple email or phone call can put them in the picture and prevent them from giving bad feedback for something that is there own fault.

On a final note to buyers, I know there are some bad sellers on ebay but this can often be spotted by there feedback so please give us sellers a break and do not leave a bad feedback before giving us the chance to resolve any problem, I know that we as sellers will bend over backwards to keep our customers happy as many of them come back for more, so dont be to judgemental before you get the full facts, if in any doubt there is loads of help on ebay such as the pay pal buyers protection scheme along with ebays dispute system and for sellers like us that are registered square traders we have to by agreement enter mediation with a customer on matter a customer wants to bring to our attention. But then again we are one of the good guys. so when buying on ebay and you want to be 100% sure you are buying form a good sellers, checkout there feedback, are they power sellers? do they have pay pal buyer protection? are they registered square traders? all these will help you to make a dicision on who to buy from



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