silver jewellery findings and beads.

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There are thousands of listings daily in the "beads" section, some are fantastic value for money, others are simply NOT!  If you like to make your own jewellery items or are thinking of taking this up as a new hobby or part time income generator there are a few really important points to remember.

"SILVER" does not necessarily mean sterling silver!! 

You will see listings that say "Tibetan/Chinese/Indian silver" beads and findings (findings is the general term for the little bits and pieces like clasps,catches,jump rings,earring wires etc - componants used in jewellery). None of the above are actually 925 sterling silver, they are  mixed with base alloy metals, sometimes even with lead to give the weight and appearance of real silver.  This can be a hazard to wearers who suffer from skin allergies to base metals. The only time you can guarantee that anything you buy is sterling silver is if it is hallmarked and even this is not foolproof!    Most sellers are careful how they word their listings, and will not mention that the items are not solid silver.  This can be misleading to new buyers.

 If you buy any silver beads or jewellery componants that are listed just as "SILVER" be aware that you are probably buying a cheap metal alloy.  "Silver tone, silver colour, silver effect, silver spacers, silver beads, silver clasps" etc are describing only the COLOUR and NOT THE CONTENT. 

Don't let this put you off buying beads/findings!   

There are thousands of  beautiful "silver" beads and parts to buy that add a touch of sparkle to any jewellery project.  Just know what you are buying, and don't be afraid to ask the seller questions before you bid on an item if you are not sure.  Most sellers will happily reply to your questions and will leave the messages posted up for all to see at the bottom of their listing. 

Happy Beading!  

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