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I was talking to an old guy at the jazz club that I attend, and I mentioned that our Hostas were being eaten by slugs, he came out with the following ............ set your alarm clock for 3-4 AM put on a dressing gown,get a good bright torch ( flashlight ) half fill a bucket with very hot water, go out and kill the blighters by dropping them in the bucket. He mentioned that you can gather up to about 200 in a night. If you don't like killing them, they can be put in with the recycling bin for garden rubbish. which in our area is every 2 weeks. Don't forget to keep the lid closed.!!!! Further to this article, I was talking to a scientist at the bar of the jazz club about slugs, and I said that they crawled up the pots. His advice was very interesting..........give them an electric shock !!! He went on to explain that if you place a copper wire around the pot, and a galvanised wire about 3-5 m.m. apart, when the slug crawls over the first wire and its wet body touches the second wire it receives a slight shock, and it backs off. Apparently the dissimilar metals produce an E. M F (Voltage) when a wet body joins them.

Further to this article, I was talking to an old woman who was interested in gardening, |I mentioned slugs, and she said OBTAIN a hedgehog.

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