some scammers

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some people advertise their goods on ebay. as a winning bidder i thought the winning bidder bought the item for the price it reached? is it right for the seller of the item to pull out after taking your money then mailing you saying." I AM NOT SELLING THE ITEM " ? seller "  jhcomware  " item : 150417105484 Webmaster Community Website domain | Web Business i won for a figure of only  $7.00 english currency £4.61. not much i know but sometimes thats what ebay is about ! " GETTING DEALS "  i paid for this item straight away . the buyer does not respond nor does he / she seem to want to give the money back either? ebay will not intervene this matter so i have a dispute with paypal. i amnot here to penalise people or be a hater too. but this is here to let you people know NOT  TO DEAL WITH THIS PERSON. obtaining money by deception is a crime on or of the internet !!!

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