sony ericsson C702 cyber shot phone

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hello and welcome to my guide on the Sony Ericsson Cyber shot C702 mobile phone!

This phone is designed for people, whom have a habit of breaking and damaging mobile phones, this phone is designed to be hard wearing!

And on that point, they have succedded, there are other good points too, the 3.2 megapixel camera is pretty good, there's a modest amount of internal memory, batttery life is not bad (3 to 4 days) and the menu system is easy enough to follow!

And for those whom like to exercise, there is a training system which works off the built - in GPS

But that is were it ends!

The phone's internet ability are severly limited, ebay, youtube and many other popular sites can not be accessed, this thing even struggles to load google!

The speaker output volume is pretty poor, even on maximum volume during a phone call, your straining to hear!

The battery cover is extremly hard to remove without tools, so if the thing decides to crash whilst your away from home, you can't take the battery out to reset it!

Even though the headphones it comes with, the output volume of the MP3 system is poor.

The keypad is small and hard to use if your have large hands, it feels more suited for a woman with fingernails to be honest!

The GPS doesn't work with most Sat-nav software packages!


Sony advertise this as a phone as a phone that is rugid and can do everything most high-tech phone can do too!

Well, on the first note they are right, it is robust and rugid, but it can't compete with other high-tech phones, not even close!

So if you are just interested in a phone that you won't be able to break within three months, then it comes highly recommended,

The sony ericsson C702 cybershot, mobile phone and pretty good digital camera for children and heavy handed adults!

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