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Although I am no longer a teenager, I still get a lot of pleasure spending time enjoying playstation games. With some I can emerse myself into them and for a short space of time forget about the real world! I am going to list a few of the games that I have experienced and note their value and quality and how they can have that feel of having left a mark! Also they may be a guide to a few adults wondering wether or not to buy a particular game either for themselves, or for their kids, when, I believe, there are a number of less than excellent standard quality games out there. Wether they be sport orientated, or driving or shoot 'em up's or role playing or action adventure or indulging in a spot of fighting in the 2nd world war, I will list a few that  I believe have enough quality and offer great value for money. Bearing in mind,of course,this is purely a personal opinion.But hey, it's 7am on a saturday morning and I've nothing better to do right now! First and foremost are the complete range of Tomb Raider, there are 5 on ps1 and 1 on ps2. The ps1 games can be picked up for under a fiver each, I believe and even the ps2 game the shops can't seem to chuck out cheap enough! Although a bit dated now even the early TR games are totally immersive and  really  fantastically enjoyable. You'll wonder how certain things were done. You'll be scratching your heads, and then you'll realise that great gaming really started here. It really dosn't get much better than this and satisfaction levels are top notch! Value for money...unelievable and of course ps1 games play on a ps2 console. Another series of games which offer quality and VFM are the complete set of Medal Of Honor games. These are first person ie viewed through your eyes with an arm holding a weapon in front of you! I believe they are by far the most realistic and satisfying of their genre and this includes the early ps1 titles which are great VFM. If you like driving titles then the most realistic and wonderful to look at title and considering it's now going to be  at a pretty good price is Grand Turismo 3. Wonderful graphics, and totally submersive. Quite unbelievable. Only drawback is there really isn't enough time available to get the best out of it. Also the game burnout is a wonderful title. If somwhat frantic if you're looking for crashes, you'll find them here. Burnout 2 was a real jawdropper and bearing in mind it's going to be cheap ( about £ 7) makes this a fun way into this style of racing. Obviously this title has improved greatly with the current Burnout Revenge, but then it's £ 29 odd quid! So you takes your choice. Another top notch action set of games is Prince of Persia 1 and 2. Similar in style to Tomb Raider where it's set in third person where you you see the main character a few feet in front of you. This a true treat for the eyes. Beautiful to look at and puzzling to  the extreme. How it was put together is amazing! Don't believe the hype about a very similar game "God of War". Although this title is a real eye popper and wonderfully enjoyable, is nowhere as satisfying to play as Prince of Persia. The first of which is on sale brand new for under a tenner! Stimulation has never been better." Must see what's gonna happen next "feeling  is unbelievable. These games, I believe, offer real quality gaming experience  and real value for your hard earned cash, and if i was starting off in the world of gaming would be rather happy to own. There you go!

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