sony psp, warning!

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If your looking to buy a psp for xmas for your children or maybe even for yourself please be aware that there are many ways in which you could be scammed out of your xmas money.

For example sellers that are from abroad may not include the price with tax, so always ask the seller before hand. Also if the product looks too good to be true, 9/10 it is.

Lastly if you happen to bid for a psp which includes a free 2gb memory card, make sure it is an original. Look at the packing it comes in and if you think anything is dodgy then dont buy the item. Because it is getting easier for frauds/scammers to get their hands on faulty fake memory sticks which look very and i mean very real. They may work for a a while but 1-2weeks after you have put it to use they will fail and thats it.

So next time your searching for a psp or anything similar i hope you take these precautions.

Hope this helped

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