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ebay scams

Like all the other people reporting on these scams,we are new to the ebay selling market and was not aware what-so-ever of how cunning these people are! The first scam attempt we had a PSP on auction priced at £210 and we had a genuine sounding email from a lady asking for us to kindly take our item off ebay because she wanted to pay us £500 straight into our account so we could ship the psp out to 'her son ' out in Nigeria but only by royal mail and for a tracking ID number be sent-now id never heard of a tracking number having to be sent so thats when i thought something slightly dodgy was going on, but we emailed this person back and kindly told her that we could'nt deal with her outside of ebay or take the item off auction and that was that.

But that was just the start and we was bombarded with  ridiculous amounts of money for us to take our items off auction and send them to Nigeria for various different reasons including a relative working for UNICEF,and on one occasion a bid for a watch phone won on auction with English address only for us to be sent an email from ebay informing me that that sale was unauthorised and the item remained unsold-gutted as this would have been our first to be sold! Then a little while later we recieved a fake notification from ebay basically telling us that there had been a mistake and that the transaction would be going through after all and then we were given the same instructions as before,post to nigeria via royal mail and send tracking id and then we had a false email from Paypal,now to anybody who didn't notice- had a different but very similar email address and they had changed the font,apart from that these tiny differences the spoof emails were scarily convincing. I could go on and on because every time they've been different,different names,places,versions of 'ebay' and 'paypal' email addresses and each time are more and more convincing!

I truely believe that ebay IS NOT safe place to sell as these fake emails even had links to the genuine paypal site so whether my items sell or not i will not be selling again,these Nigerians have took the fun out of selling and made it too unsafe as we can not guarantee a genuine buyer and recieving the payment. Im just glad we have had our wits about us and checked these emails out and scrutinised all the emails,just hope other people dont fall for the high prices they are pretending to pay and little stories they tell you about why they are sending to Nigeria like we nearly did.

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