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big al's boot this is genuine
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big al's boot this is genuine

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hi i sold a few bits of my football memorabilia and came across a few problems here i am going to explain how not to fall into the pitfalls i did

first one of the main things with sporting memorabilia is the provenance i.e if you have a genuine item like an autographed shirt or photo, to a collector you will need to prove that it is genuine so make sure that you can provide full provenance on your item with either a certificate of authenticity or maybe simple things like dates and times that a match or sporting event took place that the sports personality was attending that can be easily looked up.

second postage . Now bare in mind that the postal company's aint always great at handling fragile or easaly damaged items like photos and programs so make sure that you state on the outer packaging that the item is FRAGILE / DO NOT BEND i cant stress this enough the last thing you want is to have your product returned or a case opened against you for poor packaging

and last but not least do not lie or spin the truth about your product if its genuine then great but dont say it is when its a copy if your unsure of the authenticity of it then get it checked out first it aint good paying for a lambo and getting a fiesta is it
hope this helps any first timers happy selling
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