spot a fake stone island jacket

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If you decide to buy a SI jacket from ebay, first look at the sellers feedback, if there's any negative, investigate it, see what the negative was, regardless how many items the seller has sold and had positive feedback for, remember the negative feedback is just as important, especially if there is a similar pattern in the feedback, for instance; "bad communication, item fake" please take heed.
Most sellers claiming to have genuine Stone Island clobber will tell you its the best thing since sliced bread ie: a hooded raso gommato with a yellow stripe BNWT(Brand New With Tags) for 50 quid!, right back up and leave it well alone.

The fakes i have seen are not in the slightest in keeping with Stone Island tradition, S.I excel at making jackets with materials most designers find unorthodox, although things like buttons, the arm patch and sometimes even art/item numbers are present, they are nothing like the garments Stone Island put out.

Be sensible when looking for a bargain, ask the seller the art/item number, ask where the garment was bought ie Cruise, Nautica, Limey's etc, where it was made/dyed (
Italy, Romania, Tunisia) , you may find the seller has many of the same item(as this is often the case),after all, its your hard earned cash that's paying for it, and if it's too good to be true, then it most likely is. If you do buy snidey SI gear you're fooling no one (maybe yourself), and you WILL look a fool

A website like metroclothing . net, and the like, supply these scam merchants, have a look their, if the jacket is on this site, give it a wide berth, this company was selling  Mille Miglia half leathers last year;
20 pieces for 900pnds thats 45 quid each.They also specialize in the aforementioned "yellow striped raso" and the Raso "face mask" jacket

So look out for:
1.the seller and their feedback
2.the price-too good to be true, then maybe it is!
3.Tags, real S.I tags have an "ART NUMBER" which you can check out on either the Stone Island website or FOUND_NYC *
4.Raso Gommato yellow stripes at 50 quid are 99.99% fake, as are the face mask numbers
5.Stay clear of anyone who has a history of selling the "same" item, esp copious amounts of similar/same SI jackets
Happy Hunting and good luck

*check out FOUND_NYC a forum specializing in C.P and S.I togs, the guys on this forum are very welcoming and often have decent clobber to sell, REAL clobber....
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