spot fake nike air max 90 trainers

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first thing to look for when buying or thinking of buying some nike air max 90 is the nike air logo on the side below is a pair of fake nike air max 90 look at the logo on the side.fake

now below are the real nike air max 90 take a look at the logo on the side of these i know they are small and hard to see but this is a big part in spotting the fakes.


on fakes you will notice that the writing is writen smaller some times looks a bit messy real ones will not have messy writing

next there is the shape notice the shape of the trainers in the first picture again you can see from th epicture they look very hard and the bottom white bit of the sole looks very shiny and puffs out a little ,this is not the case ona pair of real nike air max 90

  real                                                                                                    above are real notice in the picture they are not shiny and look more flexible not stiff


above are fake shape again you can tell you cant really see the logo on the side as th epicture has been shrunk but in most listings you can take a very good look at this this will normally tell you if its a good buy or a bad buy and again the puffyness of the white bottom sole area they are the main areas to spot fake nike air max 90 trainers also if you refer to the first picture again you may notice the color the red is very dull this wouldnt be the case on a real pair colors are very strong

also dont be fooled by sellers using pictures that are copied from google e.t.c as chaces are you will not receive the ones in the photo you will receive fakes


if in the auction you are buying them try to look at the air bubble if you can as on alot of fakes the bubble will look smaller and not in a good shape as real ones


you may also notice the tick aswell isnt always as good as real nike

fakes are cheap and made from cheap material will not be comfortable and wont last long these trainers nike air max 90 a fake pair will feel very hard when on your foot as a real pair will feel alot softer

hope this helped a little


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